Heidi Klum leaves ‘Project Runway’

After incredible 16 seasons, Heidi Klum has decided, together with Tim Gunn to leave a ‘Project Runway’. We all know this amazing duo as the best one since 2004.

Heidi Klum claims how she enjoyed the fashion design competition show a lot, but how it is the time to take a break. Nevertheless, we won’t be missing these amazing co-workers for a long period of time because they are planning to develop another show.

Tim Gunn claims how they have a plan to do something with Amazon Prime Video, and how that will probably be a reality show series. How do you expect those to be? Will it be connected with fashion as well? Klum is still silent about all the ideas they have, yet, we can all expect to see something completely marvelous on our big screens soon!

When asked how she feels about saying goodbye to ‘Project Runway’, Heidi Klum claimed how she is actually very proud that she had a chance to be a part of such an amazing show. Besides that, she also added how she learned a lot from it and how it will always have a special place in her heart.

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