All about Robin Roberts’s story – will she be seen at “GMA” desk soon?

While she was at the end of her emotional send-off from the show, she claimed to be back as soon as possible.


GMA (Good Morning America), Robin tried her best with a purpose to make final appearance encouraging for everyone that loves her and admires her. The truth is, everyone knew about a bone marrow transplant procedure she needs to undergo to. But, it seems like how staying positive was her way to do it.

They have expected to see her on her Friday set, yet, the change of plans was made in the last minute. She had a desire to visit her mother that lives in Mississippi.

While she was away, everyone prayed for the best, even her new colleagues from ABC News. Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters, and Elizabeth Vargas put all the faith they had in her beloved colleague.

At that time, Roberts announced how Rob Lowe, Oprah Winfrey, and Chris Rock will be very soon a part of the stand-ins. She claimed too how the same goes for ”Modern Family”, the ABC’s comedy.

When it comes to her medical condition, she reported about it in June. Her disease will be finally stopped with a bone marrow transplant, as everyone believes. Sally-Ann Roberts, her sister, will be the donor.

It seems like how all the people that love her are trying their best to comfort Roberts. For example, George Stephanopolous, a co-anchor, bought her a gift (a tap bell). Matching pajamas is also what Roberts got for her and her sister that will give her a transplant. Such a wonderful gift was from Josh Elliot.

A doctor responsible for her procedures and recovery explained to everyone how will her treatments look like. Dr. Gail Roboz claimed how they expect to see her doing well in 30 days, more or less.

But, that doesn’t discourage brave Roberts. She claimed how she will be back whenever she feels a perfect moment for that. She has sent many emotional messages encouraging others. Roberts claim how everyone’s life is full of different stories, from heart-breaking ones to those that make us better people.

”Good Morning America” crew sent her messages of support with their bracelets which were promoted on Twitter (”teamrobin”).


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