Staz.Reggio Emilia Santiago Calatrava

Parametric Definition – Reggio Emilia Station – Grasshopper

Grasshopper parametric definition inspired by Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana which is a high speed railway station in Reggio Emilia in Italy. The station designed by Santiago Calatrava

Here you can find the Definition snapshot, hope it helps

Definition Staz.Reggio Emilia Santiago Calatrava

New article about spherical Photogrammetry and interactive 3D modeling using panoramas

We present the first step of a research aimed at automating a driven interactive 3D modeling of an existing architectural object. The method is based on oriented multi-image spherical panoramas produced by stitching techniques. The photogrammetric process has two steps: the creation of a semi-automatic process to find homolog points in two panoramas; the creation of parametric definitions for an interactive modeling creating points, segments, and surfaces based on the plotted points in the first step. By connecting these two steps, the creation of the model will be automatic, as we indicate the necessary points in just one panoramic photo. The principals of multi-view geometry and epipolar geometry were applied to simplify the calculation in the first step in order to create an automatic identification of the correspondent points in the other panorama. The epipolar geometry is described by both analytical and graphical programming, implementing in the first case a C++ application and in the second case a Rhinoceros and Grasshopper application. A case study of the Ponte Rotto in Rome (Italy) is presented






Vennesla library internal

The Vennesla Library and Culture House 3D modeling

An architectural design competition was initiated in 2008; it was won by the firm Helen & Hard from Stavanger and the new building was ready in 2011, It has won several architecture prizes. It was a 3D modeling course subject a very interesting experience with 3dsMax and a very important exercise to improve the ability to manage grids as construction planes.

Vennesla library model

The 3D model in 3dsMax

Vennesla library panorama

Panoramic rendering

Vennesla library structure forms

The frames of the structure

Vennesla library frames

Roof and structure frames

Vennesla library 2

Rendered model