Who Has Kate Beckinsale Dated?

Everyone is talking about Kate Beckinsale, Underworld’s star. Numerous men worldwide would give everything they have to get her attention and love. Want to know who she has dated? Continue reading and find out!


  1. Pete Davidson. He is an American comedian and actor and he was seen dating Kate Beckinsale this year since January. This couple started partying together and we can guess how Davidson ”won her” with his amazing sense of humor. Paparazzi are constantly catching this couple laughing together.


  1. Jack Whitehall. English actor, comedian, and presenter. It definitely seems like how Kate loves comedians. They have been dating in November 2018.


  1. Matt Rife. 22 years younger comedian was also the one who caught the attention of Kaze Beckinsale. Do I need to tell again something about comedians? They two have been dating back in June 2017.


  1. Len Wiseman. An American film director who also directed Underworld itself! Yes, you can easily guess in what way this couple has fallen in love. They have started dating back in 2003 and married in 2004. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last until today (as we can see from this list already, right?). So, they got divorced in 2014.


Can you think of someone else who was dating Kate Beckinsale?


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