Could ‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Could End Up Performing at the Next Oscars?

The new movie of Chrissy Metz, ”Breakthrough”, definitely brought her a lot of inspiration. She performed the song from her movie called ”I’m Standing With You” live on Sunday. It definitely seems how the audience was pleasantly surprised to hear such a strong talent performing an even better song!

For those who don’t know, Diane Warren was the one who wrote that song. She was a 10-time Oscar nominee. So, things are clear! Chrissy Metz definitely have high chances for performing at the Next Oscars!

Wondering what her movie was about? It was probably about something very emotional and very strong, due to the amazing song that follows such a movie. Yes, you are right. ”Breakthrough” is a movie about one mother who succeeded to bring her boy (son) back in life by pure faith and unconditional love!

We all know Chrissy Metz as one very unbreakable and talented lady. She definitely knows how and when to express her strong emotions. It seems like how literally nothing can stop this amazing lady from achieving her goals and sharing her talents with the whole world.

It doesn’t surprise us that she has a lot of fans. We think how in the future, she will just gain more fans and even more attention from the media and the world of art!


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