10 Amazing Data-Driven Infographics (and How to Create your Own!)

Here at Piktochart, we try to showcase and celebrate great infographics. We want you to see the best of the best in the hope that they’ll inspire you and drive you to create something awesome. We’ve got the tools, and we want to help you design the best infographics with them.

Speaking of tools, one of the features in Piktochart people often ask us about is our data import feature. This feature allows you to take data from a spreadsheet on your computer, a Google Spreadsheet, or your SurveyMonkey results and add them directly to your infographic as a chart or graph.

We hear that users know how the data import feature works, but they have a hard time visualizing what their data will look like once it’s added. Users also want to know how they can use data in their infographic to add information without adding clutter.

Which is why we put together this interactive site made up of 85 eye-catching data visualization examples, to inspire and motivate you in your next project. Click the below image to check it out!

So with these things in mind, we’ve put together a collection of some of the best designed data-driven infographics out there. And at the end of this post, check out our guide to importing your data into an amazing infographic of your own!

This infographic created by Rapolas Jukavicius is a great example of taking less-than-complicated data and designing something amazing. Rapolas has charted the budget of an average college student in visually appealing colors and shapes. This is a great example of taking something as simple as a spreadsheet and making it far more engaging as an infographic.

In this infographic, data visualization artist W. Bradford Paley showcases the interconnectedness of different areas of science. A networking diagram as complex as this one could be remarkably difficult to follow on paper, but his use of color and layout show areas of emphasis and connections that would be otherwise overlooked in a whitepaper-style presentation.

This infographic portrays a large amount of information and data in a creative compare-and-contrast way. RJ Andrews has organized the daily routines of 16 famous creatives in a familiar, color-coded clock-style presentation. This allows the reader to easily draw comparisons between the schedules of many different people at the same time.

This massive infographic packs in a ton of information (and a solid pun as well!). In addition to the use of color and iconography, information designer Paul Butt also makes use of angles to add dimension to this giant infographic about space travel. Utilizing all of these design elements has allowed Paul to pack a large amount of information into this… space.


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